How to participate with Great Chinese Reads outreach program to receive support and organize Chinese reading program, summer camp, book fair, storytime at your local school or library?


Since 2015, we have been working with 40+ local schools, libraries and communities by providing mini-grant, book donation and book fair solution.

Mini Grant for Teachers and Readers

Support teachers and parent volunteers to chair Chinese reading programs in schools and libraries

Encourages young readers in grade 3-5 create their own reading project, apply for project grant and make final presentation to our committee.

Book Donation

Customize book selection and donate best selected picture books to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and eligible schools.

Book Fair

Bring Chinese books to be part your school's book fair.

Make more books accessible to Mandarin learners and support school fundraising.

Storytime or Summer Camp

Host Chinese book storytime at your local library.

Ask us for thoughtfully-designed storytime with season themes, family activities and art&crafts; and volunteer training opportunities.

What the Communities Say about Us...

Ms. Annette Hanson, Principal of Yew Chung International School - Sillicon Valley

“BookKnock is instrumental in blending the best of East and West with a wide variety of quality high interest books in Mandarin for children of all reading levels. Due to the generosity of the Eirya Foundation and BookKnock, students have enjoyed countless opportunities to surround themselves with rich text, beautiful illustrations, and stories that bring friends and families together in the journey of learning Chinese.”

Dr. Jerry Yang, Executive Director of Kai Ming Head Start School

“BookKnock is providing an innovative structure to enrich Chinese-English bilingual book resource for the school, which has been greatly benefiting Kai Ming’s children and teachers. The proactive supports from BookKnock is also the key element to make it a successful program."

Dr. Vivian Qian, Preschool Coordinator of Yew Chung International School - Sillicon Valley

“The hundreds of Mandarin picture books not only enrich the book collection in our library, but also inspire the children to explore more into Chinese culture. The age appropriate high quality books encourage our children to have fun in learning language, develop verbal capabilities since early age, and also lay foundation for reading and writing.”

Ms. Xiao, Founder of Little Worm Reading Club and Parent Volunteer

“Beyond books, BookKnock enables the community who would otherwise not be able to organize wonderful storytimes and reading programs, supports the teachers who would otherwise not be able to get the resources they need for their Chinese classes.”

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