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Enrich Chinese Reading with Great Books

Enrich Children's Bilingual Reading with Great Books

Check out our latest publishing of "Beijing: A Symmetrical City", the English version of the very first children's picture book based on the design philosophy and architectural details of Beijing.

Award-winning illustrator and author Dawu Yu, after years of meticulous research, has created the wonderful and captivating paintings throughout the book that visually demonstrate the beauty and symmetry of one of the world’s most aesthetically pleasing cities.

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Enrich Chinese Reading

with Great Books

Eirya Foundation 美國爾雅基金會 is a section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in Silicon Valley in 2015. 

We are an independent organization funded mainly by individual donors.


Eirya is named after one of the oldest Chinese dictionary Erya「爾雅」. 


Our mission is to make quality books available and accessible to educators and children through research, publishing, and making grant to community and school reading programs.

Projects sponsored by Eirya Foundation​:
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