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Summer 2020 New Release: A Unique Book for Children to Explore Beijing!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

We are proudly announcing that our picture book debut, Beijing: A Symmetrical City is available for order now!

This is the 1st ever beautifully illustrated book for young audience based on the design philosophy and architectural details of Beijing, China; one of the world’s oldest cities, founded about the same time as Rome. 

This captivating read provides an immersive exploration into a unique city layout. Perfect for kids and adults with an interest in architecture, history, multi-culture, travel and beyond.

"Beautifully rendered drawings are a feast for the eyes." Kirkus Review.

The layout of Beijing is deeply rooted in the ancient culture of China. Beijing: A Symmetrical City provides background on the architect and builders that changed the course of history, unearths ancient Chinese philosophy behind the symmetrical city layout, rooted in harmony, balance and order and highlights the historical significance of the names and placement of the most important buildings in the city.

Each page of this book features Fun Facts, providing knowledge overlooked not only by tourists, but also many residents of Beijing.

Award-winning illustrator, and author Dawu Yu has created captivating images that highlight the little-known symmetry of one of the world s most aesthetically pleasing cities. This book features gorgeous illustrations in typical Chinese style with abundant details, presents enjoyable minuteness of each drawing and creates the immerse feeling.

Mr. Dawu Yu was born in 1948 and grew up in the city. Almost all his childhood time was spent alongside the walls of the Forbidden City, the inner city in the center of Beijing, which preserves hundreds of years of history. When the Earth Tranquility Gate was torn down in 1954, his grandfather put him in a cart and brought him there to look at this north gate of the ancient inner city of Beijing one last time.

Dawu Yu created this beautiful book after years of meticulous research. "Decades later, I feel fortunate now about painting the old Beijing,” says Yu. “I am overwhelmed with emotions and memories, perhaps because I have deep feelings for the historic city." 

For more information and ordering book, please visit Limited time offer of discount and free shipping is available.

The book is also available for ordering at Barnes & Noble and Amazon

One Kite is a children's picture book project jointly founded by Eirya Foundation, 1 Plus Books Publishing and Shan Fu Studio in 2018, California.

One Kite aims to introduce Mandarin original picture books to the English-speaking young readers and educators. One Kite specializes in curating the picture books with best-of-breed qualities, artistic values and cultural values. We are willing to provide grant and support to collaborate with talented writers, illustrators, designers and publishers in both China and the United States.

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