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BookKnock launched with first bay area school!

700 books ready to go! Our first batch of 700+ books have arrived in bay area last month! We established our own library database with comprehensive metadata, labeled all the books with four colors to emphasize our unique children-friendly categorization, attached BookKnock logo stickers and professional library pockets, and packaged the books into BookKnock boxes by grade levels. Volunteers (including five little librarian with age 5 to 13) have been working on this project for evenings and weekends!

School program launched! It's very exciting that BookKnock service launched with the first school in bay area. Near 200 books were delivered to support the children from over ten countries learn Chinese during the summer. The choice of titles and book quality are highly complemented by the teachers. Children love our books and the unique four-color labels! Books will be delivered and circulated among schools by BookKnock staff to provide more children with access to high quality Chinese books in a resource-optimized way. Meanwhile we are preparing for the 2nd batch of books this fall!

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