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BookKnock Now Serving Four Schools!

​School Coverage:

May 2015: Launch of BookKnock

September 2015: Serving FOUR local schools (nine campuses) in the Bay Area! Our volunteers have delivered a box of 30-50 books with a library toolkit to each classroom and managed routine circulation.

The choice of titles and book quality of our hand-picked children’s Chinese books have been highly complimented by teachers. Children love our books and the four-color labels!

Book Collection

900+ books in our collection now, of which:

*700+ circulating in the four schools

*200 as demo books for local community events


Attended Two Community Events

Brought 200 books to two local community events - Peking University Alumni Gathering and Silicon Valley Fall Festival. Organized story reading, art & crafts and Chinese traditional games for kids on-site. Introduced BookKnock to more potential local users and made efforts for fundraising.

Classroom Reading Time

BookKnock volunteer was invited to classroom reading time for Chinese poem reading accompanied by the traditional Chinese musical instrument Guqin 古琴.

This has all been made possible by your warm support, generous contribution and the efforts of 20+ BookKnock volunteers!

Next batch of books to ship in October.

Our target by Nov 30th, 2015 is to increase collection by another 2,700 books.

Right Now Fundraising for 2,700 Books.

For 10+ schools in pipeline waiting for BookKnock services and books.

BookKnock Founder's Team Matching Your Donation - Double It Now on Us!

For every $ received before Nov 30th, 2015 -

BookKnock Founder's team will personally match it. Double it Now! (Total matching amount up to $30,000).

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