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2016 Annual Fundraising!

Thank you for your continuous support! We have made significant progress in the past few months and would like to give you a brief update. Also we have kicked off our 2016 annual fundraising. As usual, our founder team will match every dollar donation received during Oct 1st, 2016 to Nov 30th, 2016.

Community Outreach

Currently we are working with 30+ schools, libraries and communities. Our latest coverage expanded to two local public libraries in the Bay Area (Cupertino and Sunnyvale). Check out the new books in the children's section!

Reading Research {NEW!}

K-6 Core Reading List with Leveling Guidance

I am very glad to announce that starting this summer, we initiated a research project which aims to build a leveled Chinese book reading list (美国小学生中文阅读基础分级绘本书目) including the best quality picture books for K-6 students in the US. The core book list which will serve as a resource and reference for schools, teachers, librarians and parents. Our research team has Stanford University and Beijing Normal University Scholars focus on Chinese as second language learning and guided reading, and also experienced local teachers.

Recently we have concluded the data collection, received leveling recommendations from the teachers from 20+ immersion schools in ten states in the US, and conducted 10+ follow-up interviews. We are in the process of finalizing the research report and look forward to sharing the results with everyone soon! Stay tuned!

Mini Grant

BookKnock Mini Grant Program has selected one community reading club as our Spring 2016 grantee - Little Worm Reading Club in Palo Alto. Little Worm is a family-based reading club which has held weekly Chinese story time and cultural exchange programs for more than one year. The children worked together on the grant application, utilizing the fund for their trip to San Francisco Asian Art Museum and developed a fun project report. The BookKnock team is impressed by the passion and dedication of the founding parents, the well-organized and consistent year-round activities and as well as the efforts of the children. Look at a screen shot of the children's report - 3rd and 4th graders!

2016 Annual Fundraising

The goal of 2016 fundraising is $12,800 for the purposes of

1) sample book purchase for reading research

2) grants to teachers and librarians, and

3) BookKnock website upgrade: from current information only website to interactive/searchable website, so that teachers and parents could look for book title directly by grade/theme/genre, also teachers and parents will be able to download book metatdata and toolkit developed by BookKnock team.

Make gift to BookKnock conveniently through Paypal, Credit Card, Check and AmazonSmile.

Or Paypal directly to

Or mail check directly to PO Box #2496, Cupertino, CA95015. Check payable to Eirya Foundation.

The gift receipt for tax purpose will be emailed to you within a week. We will also keep you posted by our progress by quarterly newsletter and annual report.

Thank you again for your generous gift and support!

BookKnock Team

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