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Newsletter Summer 2016

Thank you for your continuous support! We have made significant progress in the past few months and would like to give you a brief update.

Community Coverage

May 2015: Launch of BookKnock classroom library project

December 2015: Serving 10 local schools/communities (>20 sites)

July 2016: Serving 15+ local schools, libraries and communities (>30 sites)

Our latest coverage expanded to two local public libraries (Cupertino Library and Sunnyvale Library) in the Bay Area. Check out the new books in the children's section!

Book Selection

BookKnock team has worked with local researchers, teachers and librarians together, looked into publishers in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the US, and evaluated 1,000+ books. The selection is not only based on award winning lists, researcher and book reviewer recommendations, but also local user feedback from our teachers, parents and children in the US. Our goal is to develop an excellent reference Chinese book reading list dedicated to the heritage and second language learners, and provide continuous supports to educators, librarians, families and local communities.

Mini Grant

Our Mini Grant Program has selected one community reading club as our Spring 2016 grantee - Little Worm Reading Club in Palo Alto. Little Worm is a family-based reading club which has held weekly Chinese story time and cultural exchange programs for more than one year. The children worked together on the grant application, utilizing the fund for their trip to San Francisco Asian Art Museum and developed a fun project report. The BookKnock team is impressed by the passion and dedication of the founding parents, the well-organized and consistent year-round activities and as well as the efforts of the children.

Research Project {NEW!}

I am very glad to announce that starting this summer, we initiated a research project which aims to build a leveled Chinese book reading list (美国小学生中文阅读基础书目) including the best quality picture books for K-6 students in the US. The core book list which will serve as a resource and reference for schools, teachers, librarians and parents. We will keep you posted on the project progress and publish the results in our upcoming newsletters and website. Stay tuned!

Learn more about Mini Grant and download application form here.

Wishing you a wonderful new school year and the second half of 2016!

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